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Three New Year Resolutions for Parents

Start the Year off with Presence ‘Happy New Year’ as a parent means a year of genuine growth for your children, but it should also mean a year of happiness for you as a parent. The two go together. It’s not hard. In fact, it’s simple. Here are three top ideas to reap a year […]

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Taking Time to Rhyme

Using Poetry with your Children Poetry is as simple as saying to your two year old, “I don’t suppose you can touch your nose with your toes?” or, “Before you put on your pants, shake out any ants!” This kind of rhyming catches a young child’s attention and forces them to smile, but also to […]


Day 3 – 19th Annual At-Home Dad Convention

The Keynote Presentation by Barbara Colorosso was titled “Kids Are Worth It” and she referred to “Winning At Parenting Without Beating Your Kids” which is also in print, audio, and video.

Many dads were looking forward to this presentation because of Barbara’s reputation as an internationally recognized speaker and consultant on parenting.[…]


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